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Jolly Jumper

My L3H2 Camper Van

After 3 years in my Renault Trafic L1H1, I decided to move to a bigger place : A Citroen Jumper L3H2 !!


First thing first, clean up the mess ! I found sand and wood branches inside the holes on the bottom part of the van Oo !


Water Schematic


Electrical Schematic


For the insulation i used sprayed cork that i made myself.

It is a mixed of :

I plastered 6 layers of around 4 batch each, i used about 150L of cork.

I did it in February so sometimes after the plastering, the water condensation inside the van was making the mixture drip a bit. But after i installed the ceiling windows, the airflow was better in the van, hence no more dripping and the mixture holds super nicely to the walls.


Air flow

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